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PrintLab International wants to helps schools and universities around the world to create their own 3D printing labs and is working with brands and retailers on six continents to make it happen.

It’s a simple concept, an online ecosystem of products that includes software, physical materials and even a curriculum that means educational establishments can order products at the right price and get to work.

3D printing can change education and it’s far more than just a subject in its own right. Additive manufacturing can change the likes of maths, history and it can boost student engagement in almost every subject. With the increased potential of 3D printing to take over manufacturing and even feature in our homes, it’s vital that every youngster gains a thorough understanding of the process and bringing 3D printing into schools is an essential step.

PrintLab can help make get the students and schools started with 3D printing. The company has done deals with Innofil3D, 3DPrinterOS, Makerversity DIY and Kidesign to bring some of the best educational 3D printing products to the world.
Printlab's o<em></em>nline platform to bring 3D printing into schools  The platform is already looking strong and it has signed up resellers in 19 countries. Each reseller will get its own tailored package to suit its local market and help schools and universities in each territory get access to the most relevant products.

“By combining the products of our collaboration partners with those offered by PrintLab’s local resellers on one easy-to-use platform, we can efficiently give schools & universities all the necessary tools to improve the way students engage with core subjects,” said Jason Yeung, Business Development Manager at Printlab International. “The route we have taken allows us to educate and inspire on a global scale whilst offering key local services such as installation and training.

“The 3D printing retailers we work with are one community who support each other every day using an online forum. We created a central platform so that together we can share our experiences and knowledge with everyone, in a collaborative effort.”


PrintLab itself isn’t a new company and it has shipped more than 3000 3D printers around the world over the last two years. Now it wants to take the service to the next level and offer training, advice and support services. It will start with educational establishments, but there is no reason why this platform can’t roll out to the general public and that looks to be the end goal.

We’re going to watch this one closely, as PrintLab has the potential to be a major player and go a long way beyond a simple online retail outlet. This level of buying power means it can do unique deals with suppliers and if it can tie that in with training then it could be on to a winner.

Reference: weareprintlab
Author: Nick Hall 


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