Beautiful 3D fashion by Voxelworld in Düsseldorf

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13 designers from the US, Europe and Asia showcased their 3D printed fashion at the Platform Fashion show in Germany this past weekend. The show, presented by Voxelworld and Lexus, was the first display of 3D printed fashion by the two companies. There has been a lot of 3D printed fashion in the past few years, but some of these designs are just so breathtakingly beautiful, it breathes new life into the industry.

Oliver Cynamon, Co-Founder of Voxelworld commented: “We’re pleased that we’ve found a partner in Lexus that shares our fascination for the innovative power of 3D printing and has joined us in bringing the technology’s creative potential to the catwalk.”

Jörg Steier, Brand Manager of Lexus Forum Düsseldorf, stated: “Lexus stands for innovation, resource-saving production and new technologies. With our partner Voxelworld, we are now setting new standards in fashion design and production.”

Enough talk, let’s look at the amazing pictures from the show.


Reference: 3dpringtingindustry
Author: Katie Armstrong



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